Past Projects

Tramlink HQ, Croydon - ‘Eco solution’ 1

Tramlink, the Croydon-based operators of the UK’s busiest tram network system, came to us and asked if there was a cheaper way to deal with their Reception area problems of insufficient heating and drafts in the winter, and excessive heat in the summer through a high concentration of glazing.

The solution wasn’t that simple as virtually the entire structure was floor to ceiling glass and aluminium framing, with nowhere to mount any cooling or heating equipment. The solution? We recommended a compact over-door warm air curtain to counteract the drafts, and a small heat pump system to blow warm air at the Receptionist rather than trying to heat the whole huge room volume. For the excessive summer heat gains, we suggested solar control film was applied to the glazing internally, and through the reduction of approx 65% of the heat gains, the small heat pump system fitted to blow warm air at the receptionist, then served to blow cool air at her instead – thus giving a value for money installation.



Hunt & Palmer Aviation, Crawley - ‘Eco solution’ 2


H & P, like many businesses, use computers, and theirs was in a dedicated room, which only had a small extract fan, with a portable air conditioner for summertime cooling. It didn’t work and wasn’t coping as they up-graded their kit. An ‘eco’ solution was being sought.

We suggested ‘Free Cooling’ by means of forced ventilation. The selection of a centrifugal boxed fan in an acoustic casing, with pre-filtration section, meant that all air entering the server room full of sensitive equipment, was thoroughly cleaned, and the room thermostat link meant that the vent system only ran when necessary, not constantly. With the same extraction rate as a commercial kitchen, a steady 21C was maintained effectively, and even through the warmest days of summer, the servers have yet to show any signs of problems.

The option still remains to install aircon if we get warmer summers, but for the time being 90% of the year, this works fine.



St Johns Church Hall, Selsdon - ‘Eco solution’ 3

 The gas boiler was definitely struggling to create sufficient heating for the church hall, WC’s, lobby, meeting rooms, kitchen, and upstairs function room, so the decision was made to up-grade the structure, with a new roof, windows, and better thermal wall insulation, and change the method of heating to something that warmed up quicker, for varying functions, and provided a summertime cooling element too. During the buildings’ refurbishment, the gas boiler was segregated to deal with the smaller areas, and the main hall was then heated/cooled via a 30kw heat pump system comprising 3 Hitachi cassette units. These provide tangible warmth within minutes instead of hours, and the boiler works better now for the other areas. Economies made which have transformed the hall to a very popular event location.





Stanley Park School - ‘Eco solution’ 4


The small staff kitchen was overheating, and no fresh air was entering the room as it was in poorly located in the middle of the building. Since this section of the building was originally a swimming pool, the request for help was answered by the installation of a new extract fan ducted to the old swim pool hall vent extract for the exhaust route, and then a fresh air duct installed to bring cooler outdoor air in to the kitchen. Job done. This system costs the same as a light bulb to run!




Oaks Park Golf & Conference Centre -   ‘Eco solution’ 5


After it burnt down, the old building was demolished, and a new facility built. The decision was made to go for Calor gas boilers for water heating and cooking, and heat pumps for the air control – heating and cooling – since there was no natural gas on site. Units were installed to serve the Pro Shop, Members Bar, Public Bar, restaurants, offices, and function rooms. A 90kw Mitsubishi VRV multi-system was installed, along with a cellar cooling system, and heat-recovery ventilation to all toilets & shower rooms. Job done. Spreading the energy requirements between propane heating & electric means you don’t have reliance on one medium. (this has been working successfully for over 6 years)



Victoria Club, Coulsdon -   ‘Eco solution’ 6


With portable air conditioners and fans running constantly to try to get rid of the heat, the basement cellar was just not coping with the heat discharged by the ice maker, and refrigeration units located in this over crowded cellar. The problem was made worse by the fact that there was nowhere for external heat rejection equipment to be located without risk of neighbourly complaint. It was noted that where the old boiler was located, (but now removed) there was a redundant flue shaft. A smoke test proved an air draw, so the installation of an extract fan onto this was an obvious solution. To provide cooler make-up air to replace that being extracted, new openings were made at the opposite ends of the basement cellar, and this has successfully saved them an independent cooling system. ‘Free Cooling’ has again been achieved, resulting in significant running cost savings.



Private swim pool, Mojacar, Spain -   ‘Eco solution’ 7


A friend asked us for a cheap method of heating his pool water that didn’t take forever, and/or rely solely on the sun, as past experience revealed that solar panels take too long to heat a pool when they are linked up to the pools’ own circulation and filtration system. However, this was a perfect application for an air-to-water heat pump, so we selected & supplied a MIDEA 12kw unit with a titanium heat exchanger, since the titanium resists all manner of precipitous scale & chemicals going through it. 50mm plastic piping was connected between the unit, located up in the garden out of the way, and using the pools’ own pump for circulation through the unit. It heats a good size pool from ambient to 29C in just short of 2 days, and is 500% efficient, making it tolerable on his elec bills. Other Spanish offerings were more expensive.

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