The means to provide heat can take many different formats. We try to do so as energy efficiently as possible. These are a few types we can recommend and provide for you -

quartzray elements (infra-red)
heat pump-based over-door screen heaters - fan assisted w/ air (electric)
balanced flue convector heaters - fan assisted warm air (gas)
h/eff. unit heaters, high level - fan assisted warm air (gas)
cabinet heaters – large space fan assisted warm air (gas & oil fired)
radiant tube, high level (gas)
air-to-air, air-to-water and ground-to-water type heat pumps (electric)

With the 'drive' towards globally reduced carbon emissions and a more 'eco-friendly' environment, we have always sought to apply the best ways of saving customers money & to help them use energy in the best way possible, constantly exploring the best ways of achieving this with energy efficient equipment. We have installed heat pump systems since they were first thought of, and indeed almost all equipment installed by ACCORD AIR SYSTEMS nowadays is a heat pump system of one format or another.

We specialise in the supply & installation of air-to-air and air-to-water type heat pumps. (We believe that the payback term is less with these types than with ground-based heat pumps – and quicker to install)

All heat pumps utilise the refrigerant vapour compression cycle as the medium for heat transfer, which is highly efficient. These are in essence air conditioning systems made to run reverse-cycle to provide heat at a high ‘coefficient of performance’ (generally 300% +) this makes them an extremely attractive alternative to other forms of heating.

Air-to-air types are those which capture or recover energy from the outdoor air in heat mode, generally as a split system format, transferring this to indoors via circulating warm air unit(s).

Air-to-water types are those which capture or recover energy from outdoor air in heat mode, with one component unit mounted externally, transferring this heat to indoors, where the heated water is either used for domestic or commercial h/w circuits/process water or space heating circuits.